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Basic cable internet plan: Internet 5M   

Unlimited Data Transfer

5 Mbps Download Speed 
1 Mbps upload speed

Regular price:$39.95/month
Installation fee: $85
,$20 discount with purchasing modem
D2 cable Modem:purchase $74.95; rent:$5/month,deposit $50;
Preparation and Delivery: $15.00

Promotion: $29.95/month

free installation and modem rent with prepay 1st annual

Payment option:
  1. No contract, pay as you go
  2. One year contract : regular price,free modem renting
  3. One time yearly prepay for new customer: regular price, free modem renting, free installation

Internet Basic 5        


5 Mbps Download Speed 
1.0 Mbps upload speed
500GB Data Transfer

and usage fee:50GB/$10 once over the limited

Idea for sending emails to your friends and surfing the Internet on daily basis;  pay bills online and download pictures; 5Mbps Internet Basic 5 Package is made for you!
Now experience the seamless browsing and High Speed Internet in île de Montreal island. 

  • No contract, Pay as you go
  • One time Installation: $85,$20 discount with purchasing modem
  • Purchase D2.0 modem $74.95;Rent D2.0 modem $5/month,deposit $50;

Preparation and Delivery: $15.00

Payment option
All the payment are prepay,at least month early,minimal 2 months;

Device rent: at least one year, deposit require;

Monthly payment need pre-authorized Visa/Master card;

Get free modem rent for unlimited data yearly plan;

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